Welcome to Sophic Pursuits Blog on Science Education!

Sophic Pursuits is dedicated to helping parents and students get excited about science.  As individuals who homeschooled their two children through high school and have volunteered at numerous community events where science demonstrations are given, we are pleased to start this new business venture to bring science education materials to parents, students, and others.

Our first release is a guide to keeping hands-on activities safe for everyone.  Soon we will be releasing a chemistry laboratory program for the home school high school curriculum.  We intend for this laboratory program to help better prepare students for a college level chemistry course and to provide the needed laboratory experiences.  Soon after that release – a chemistry text, followed by a physics laboratory program and a physics texts.

In the meantime – we will be producing a Daily Science News twitterTM (@Sophic_P) and FacebookTM (Sophic Pursuits) feed to help families bring science into the forefront.  Additionally, this blog will bring news, link to activities, and share fun events with a science theme.  We hope that you will keep coming back to read and enjoy!

Have Fun with Science and make every day a day of discovery!

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