It is December already…..

You are probably in the throws of a busy holiday week – family, food, traditions, football, fun.  And – on Monday you will think – I can’t believe that it is December already.

If you are like most people – you try not to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  If that is the case – then you can do some fun science to help decorate around the house –

Have you thought of a “Chemist” Tree?  You can do pretzel and gumdrop molecules.  Or do paper chromatography to create beautiful ornaments for the tree.

You can do some crystallization experiments – growing sugar crystals or growing Epsom salt crystals (NOTE: Parental supervision will be required.)  You can also make a solution of Epsom salt in water and “paint” on heavy card stock and let it dry – to form crystals on the paper – this is particularly good on red card stock as you make white crystal images.  (NOTE: you should not let children get the Epsom salt solution in eyes or drink the solution.  Goggles are recommended.)

Have Fun.