Shake, Rattle and Roll – Earthquake Adventures

When an earthquake of a large magnitude hits, you generally see it on the news.  Even small magnitude earthquakes make the news if they happen in areas where earthquakes are not expected by the general public.  They can be frightening, as we have a limited ability to predict an earthquake and it is disconcerting when the ground moves beneath your feet.

But, you can have some fun exploring what happens – “when the earth moves under your feet”.  (In reference to an old rock and roll tune.)

You can make your own “shaker-table” either out of gelatin or simple materials – sand, lids and blocks.  Here are some sites to allow you to make a shaker-table and test some building construction:

From Teach – a Jello, tooth pick and marsh-mellow

From eHow – shaker table

From FEMA – a teachers resource

From Squidoo – Multiple Resources

So have fun creating your own mini-seismic event!