Boston Tea Party

Two hundred and forty years ago on December 16, 1773, there was an event in Boston.  It was a protest over taxes and triggered a number of cultural differences between England and what is now the United States.  In the US we have a coffee break – not a “Tea Time.”  

For many – this time of year is the beginning of a winter break – so how about starting another tradition?  Celebrating the Boston Tea Party – but having a Science Tea Party!

Here are some suggestions:

Want to keep everyone around the dinner table a bit longer?  How about a Tea Bag that floats in air?  (Note this demonstration uses fire – so needs to be done by an adult – but it is really cool!)  

Or a diffusion demonstration with a tea bag – or make a supersaturated solution – Southern Sweet Tea.

How about making a dye for paper or fabric? (For the paper you can make a treasure map.)

Finally – you can explore all five senses with this fun activity.

Have fun and be safe!