The Holiday’s are Almost Over – Back to Normal?

On Monday, January 8; most of the United States will return to a “normal” work/school week. For us the holidays are over and we must return to that hectic existence we have built for ourselves.  Social and sport groups are resuming full swing, and just look at that in box for the email.  (It is enough to make your head spin.) 

For homeschoolers, we have a bit of a choice.  We can return to that hectic existence on a more reasonable pace.  We can choose to focus a bit, put a bit more quality into our curriculum and not have to throw ourselves headlong back into the U.S. interstate speed culture.

So, from a science perspective; why not take a bit of time to reflect just how fast science can change our perspective and fundamentally our lives.  On January 8, 1642 Galileo Galilei died.  On the same date in 1980, John William Mauchly (with Presper Eckert – the co-inventor of the ENIAC – Electron Numerical Integrator and Computer – the first general purpose computer) died. And, in 1997 – Melvin Calvin died, a Nobel Prize winning chemist and discoverer for the Calvin Cycle, carbon fixing in plants.

All three of these individuals radically changed our lives.  So, here are some suggestions based on these three individuals:

  • Make a telescope (There are several internet how to’s – youtube videos, plans and kits available.  Because, every home has a different set of materials, I am not posting a particular one as it may not fit your specific resources.)
  • Visit the ENIAC Museum Online
  • Learn more about the Calvin Cycle from National Geographic Education

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