One week away – and preparations are under way

Thanksgiving in the United States is just one week away – and in many households the preparations are underway.  This week the make ahead dishes are getting started – or at least the lists are being generated and ingredients are being collected.  And it is a great time to think about kitchen chemistry.  Some thoughts –

1) Why does starch cause sauces and gravies to thicken?

2) Corn starch is a sheer thickening fluid (i.e. as you stir in the water the mixture becomes harder to stir).

3) There are sugar reactions that form jellies and jams.

4) Caramelization

5) Even the science of browning

All are really fun things to experiment with during this time of preparation.  The above are linked to some sites that provide the science explanations.

Have fun and be safe in the kitchen.


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