Remembering and honoring

On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – World War I came to an end.  This day is celebrated today as Veteran’s day in the United States.  A Monday in November is set aside as a federal holiday to allow communities to honor those who have served and those who serve.

As homeschool families, this day provides an opportunity to integrate our various curriculum activities with what is happening in the community.  There is an opportunity to explore history, and conduct interviews with individuals who witnessed events first hand.  There is an opportunity to participate in community activities such as parades, concerts, flag raising and lowering ceremonies, and visiting cemeteries.

While we think primarily of history, writing, poetry, and literature for activities related to Veteran’s day – there are some science related topics that can be incorporated as well.

Weather influences history – a wind sock (you can find several craft ideas for making a wind sock) may be an excellent way to show a bit of patriotism as well as incorporating how weather may impact world events.

Technology – while it may have been developed for defense – there are a number of peace time applications of various technologies.  Infrared detection is a great example.  The infrared cameras can see flaws in metals, and help detect with early detection of equipment failures.  Medicine and medical treatments have been influenced by events on the battlefield.  Even how goods are transported to your local big box store – is the result of solving a problem during the Berlin Airlift.

Science can be reflected in a number of ways as you celebrate this holiday.  You can see it right in front of you in the form of medical devices, architecture, and the overall health of some of those participating in the parade.  Just take a quick second to recognize it.

But, don’t forget to thank that veteran for his/her service.  It is their dedication to our values that allow us to have the freedoms we hold dear.


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